Poster Design for Career Development Workshops

One fall quarter in college, my career counselor reached out to students to design some posters for some workshops she was going to be holding that October. Based on what I knew from attending the workshops the previous year, I came up with the following designs.

Unfortunately, after she spoke with the Communications department, they decided they needed something that was more consistent with the branding of the Information School. So my poster designs were never used. But I put a lot of work into them so I wanted to keep them for my portfolio.

This poster was designed for a “Business Casual” Workshop where our career counselor would give us advice on what exactly encompasses Business Casual attire for events such as interviews, career fairs, work, and networking events.

This poster was designed for a “Don’t Be Awkward” Workshop where our career counselor would give us advice on how to act at networking events like conferences and career fairs. Her advice from previous workshops included practicing your elevator pitch, how to make a good impression when meeting a network contact, and how to present yourself well and engage with that network contact.

Skills honed: Graphic Design, Poster Design, Typography

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator