Digital Transformation Project

Since I’m under a Non-Disclosure Agreement I can only share the following details about my roles and activities on this project.

Current role: UX Team Lead

Leading two different UX teams. One team is working on UX delivery building products where they work along side a client UX team and UX researchers, collaborate with PM, PO, and Stakeholders. The other team supports the Enterprise level design system platforms.

Past roles: User Experience Architect

Collaborated with product managers, product owners, business analysts, and other design teams to translate business requirements into functional user experiences.

Worked with UX researchers to perform user research and usability of designs to inform thoughtful design solutions. Produced designs and prototypes for testing.

Developed moderator guide and conducted user research interviews to gain valuable feedback on proposed and existing design solutions to inform direction for simplified user experience.

Worked with HTML and development teams to QA and ensure correct implementation of experiences. Iterated designs based on technical feasibility.

Reviewed and presented designs to product managers, product owners and stakeholders. Iterated designs based on feedback.

Prototyped experiences in varying fidelities across multiple platforms (responsive, mobile only, tablet only and web only).

Utilized design system to design modular, cohesive, and consistent experiences.