Communications Client Feature Enhancement for Technicians Tablet App

I was pulled into another really short business development opportunity, this one where the deliverables were needed in 2 days.

I received some very bare and basic requirements in the initial email with my internal team. From there I started asking questions to gain a better understanding of the functionality needed to be present and what level of fidelity the mockups needed to be.

The purpose of this enhancement is to add some steps to an existing Technicians flow to enable the Technicians for this Communications client to better estimate the ideal security equipment needed for an in home security system installation. My understanding of the initial requirements were to have the Technician be able to

  • enter in the number of rooms a customer has,
  • enter the number of windows and doors a customer has,
  • see a recommendation based on those inputs for what equipment to use in such an installation, and
  • show the customer a bill preview of how this installation would impact their current monthly bills.

Before diving head on into the mockups I wanted to get those basic requirements down on paper before spending too much time to ensure I had a solid understanding of the flow and functionality. I sent the following sketches over to the internal team for feedback.


Based on their feedback I was able to gain a better understanding of the complete flow and clarification on what functionality and content was needed. With that feedback from my internal team I was able to hit the ground running on my second and last day to deliver the mockups for the presentation.

The updated requirements were:

  • To allow the Technician to be able to not only designate the number of rooms, but to have the ability to choose from predetermined rooms, add a custom room, and add more rooms than the basic room names.


  • To allow the Technician to be able to enter in how many exterior facing doors and windows are in each of the rooms that they setup in the first step. For each of these rooms the Technician will see a preview of the equipment based on the exterior doors and windows but allows the Technician to adjust the equipment based on the Customer’s preferences.


  • To give the Technician the ability to enter in the exterior facing doors and windows for each of the rooms. Then they will see a call to action that will take them to view the final recommendation of the security system installation.


  • To give the Technician a summary of the installation based on the inputs provided in the previous steps. This recommendation includes an indicator of the level of strength of this security system installation, the overall equipment with the ability to adjust the sensors, the additional cost for this level of equipment installation, and the additional time it would take to complete this installation.
  • To give the Technician the ability to proceed to a bill preview to show the customer how their monthly bill would be impacted by the additional cost of this installation. For Client Confidentiality, this view is not included.
  • An additional functionality that I thought would be beneficial for the Technician would be to include a call to action to start a New quote so that they didn’t have to navigate back with the “< Back” navigation all the way to the beginning of the flow.