Anyone who knows me well enough knows I am a Grandma at heart and crazy cat lady. I would rather stay in with my husband and kitties and watch Netflix than go out. I wake up before the sun rises on most days, and head to bed before most primetime shows air. I love my two kitties (Dexter and Leona) and hope to get a doggy or two when we finally buy a house. I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors; dirt biking, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, snow skiing, snow shoeing, water skiing, swimming, running, target and trap shooting, golfing, rock climbing, horseback riding, etc.

I think I found my calling with user experience design. I knew growing up I wanted to do something that involved computers, as I fell in love with the first one I got in 4th grade. It wasn’t until fall quarter of freshman year in college when I took intro to psychology, that I really wanted to combine human thinking and experience with design. I’m fascinated with how the tiniest detail can make or break a user’s experience. So I love using my high attention to detail to think through every tiny interaction, while still being able to envision the big picture. I’m having the best time learning something new everyday.

I’m very attracted to developing and using my experience to work on non-profit, government services and social enterprise projects. These underserved areas deserve to have a quality user experience and for people using them to be able to complete their actions without the system getting in their way and making it harder for them.